A Premier Seed Stock Sale In North America
For The Wagyu Breed


At The Bluegrass Stockyards in Lexington, KY


Come Join Us For The Midwest Wagyu Meeting
on October 11, 2024 at 1:00 PM
at the Bluegrass Stockyards in Lexington, KY

About The Wagyu Super

The premier seed stock sale in North America for the Wagyu Breed

The Wagyu Super is an annual event held every Fall the 2nd Saturday in October at the Bluegrass Stockyards in Lexington, KY. This is an annual Wagyu Open Consignment Event for Select Animals.

Enjoy Lexington’s exciting attractions,  shopping and incredible dining during your stay for The Wagyu Super. It’s time to celebrate the fabulous breed of WAGYU and make this a memorable event that will become a longstanding tradition for both Wagyu Breeders and Buyers all over the world. 

3 Days of Live Auctions, Industry Speakers, Cocktail Hours, Live Music, Wagyu Beef, Bourbon, & FUN!

All About Lexington

Everything from attractions, hotels, and incredible dining

World Famous Bourbon

All you need to know about Kentucky's world famous Bourbon


Everything you need to know about Wagyu genomics and this sales event

The American Wagyu Association promotes and upholds the standards for Wagyu beef, the finest quality of beef available in the United States.

Highly prized for their rich flavor, these cattle produce arguably the finest beef in the world. Wagyu cattle's genetic predisposition yields a beef that contains a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than typical beef.

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All entries are due by 8/1/2023

*Or until sale capacity is reached

All pictures are due by 8/21/2023

Lathrop Trucking

Randy (847) 910-4673

True Time Logistics
Evan Bixby (319) 559-0167


Rough Ride Cattle Service

David Tanner

(352) 807-8203


Lathrop Trucking

Randy (847) 910-4673

Frequently Asked Questions

Studwagyuauction.com LLC is the owner and operator of the  Wagyu Super sales event. Studwagyuauction.com LLC is a Louisiana Limited Liability Corporation, multiply bonded as both a sales company and an approved USDA livestock broker.
Come as you are ! The Kentucky Bluegrass will welcome all!

Yes, currently all live lots and frozen genetics are welcome, however dual registration is encouraged. It is to the advantage of all consignors to have as much information available for buyers to evaluate, to receive maximum value on your entry.

If bidding online you must contact the sales company via the phone or online while the lot is still open and has not yet closed. All lots sell at the fall of the hammer.

There is a $100 entry fee per lot for entry.  We ask you bring / ship your cattle in time for the viewing day on Friday the day before the sales event.

We have testing and health certificate results as well as certain optional tests result data inputs in your online entry form. We require these all be completed and you receive a release to bring them in prior to arrival.

All entries are due by 8/1/2023

All pictures are due by 8/21/2023

Same as any livestock auction, however with the standard format used by Studwagyuauction.com. There may be a reserve placed by the consignor on any entry. If the lot fails to reach the reserve the lot will not be sold. This reserve may be a hidden reserve which will not come into play once the bidding has surpassed it. If the lot does not sell, the sales company may (with the consignor’s approval) offer the lot to the underbidder. Many lots will sell with no reserve, and that do not incur no commission from the sales company.

Payment is required before any cattle may load.  Wire info is available from the sales office.

All sales are final at the fall of the hammer. Payment is expected at the close of the sale. All sales are final.

Payment will be accepted by Cash , Wire , Credit Card (applicable fee added) and Wire or “good” check.

The Wagyu Super will have shipping providers on site ready to ship.

All bred cows must be vet checked pregnant or blood test pregnant confirmed

All heifers between 6—12 months of age must have calfhood vaccinations.

All females over 12 months of age must have a negative tuberculosis test.

All females 18 months of age or greater must be tested negative for Brucellosis

Brucellosis and TB tests must be done within 30 days of sale date!

All cattle entered will be accompanied with a certificate of veterinary inspection (health paper)

This health paper must be compliant for interstate travel.

All cattle must have a unique tag (number) for identification. A federal ID tag is acceptable.

*For all cattle shipping in from out of state please have your vet check the status of required testing and results for shipping into Lexington, KY

*All bulls 14 months and older must have a negative Trichomoniasis test and a breeding exam for admission.

There is leeway applied on young bulls for scrotal measurement.

All females sell as guaranteed breeders.

Stud Wagyu Auction recommends all entries over the age of 18 months have a Johnes test, prior to the required TB and Brucellosis test.  This test will add value to your entry!

Have the Johnes Blood test drawn before the tb test is performed!